Gorgeous Event Films Team


Founder / director / editor / tech boy / boss of everything (is what we tell him)

Before Gorgeous, Gary worked as a Producer and Director in network TV making documentaries, comedy, sports, news and radio shows for the BBC,
Channel Four, ITV and Sky.

Gary on filming events:

The adrenaline rush of needing to be on the ball at all times, 100% prepared for everything and able to anticipate a shot before it even happens makes live event filming very addictive.

We don’t stage anything, I think letting each wedding unfold naturally is the best way of capturing uninhibited, real moments.

No bulky rigs, no jibs, no intrusion and no fuss…. after all, it’s a wedding, not a movie set.


Co-founder / editor / administrator / production manager / PR and anything that needs to be done

Before Gorgeous, Jo worked at the National Youth Theatre in London before moving on to television production.

In 1999, she met Gary, when they worked on a programme together, and the rest is history.

Not only did they create Gorgeous Films but two gorgeous little boys also followed.

Jo on weddings…

A wedding is a beautiful reflection of a bride and groom’s unique tastes in fashion, colour, design, music, food – everything.

The culmination of careful planning, meticulous attention to detail, endless mood boards, Pinterest pinning and day dreaming, comes to fruition on one magical day and we are trusted to reflect all of this, and more, through film.

It is an incredible honour, which I feel very passionately about.

We hear it time and again from the couples we work with – photos are so important because they freeze one moment in time and when you can look at that image you remember the exact second and all the emotions, which came with it.

Film, on the other hand, can bring the whole day back to life – not just one, but a series of a million moving moments, expressions, laughter, music and sounds.

To be asked to capture the first day of a couple’s exciting new life  as husband and wife, surrounded by family, friends and good times, is both amazing and inspiring.

Put simply – I love my job.




Dom is a fantastic cameraman, who has been part of the Gorgeous team for over eight years.

When he’s not shooting weddings for us, he can be found dangling out of helicopters filming with the military, topping up his air-miles by travelling across the globe for international broadcasting networks and shooting interviews with celebrities.

Hard life…

Dom on filming weddings…

I enjoy the buzz of the build up – the excitement, nerves, laughter, adrenaline…

The bride getting ready with her girls, unexpectedly serene (champagne helps), the groom on the other hand looking like a startled rabbit in the headlights, ushers fumbling around with the buttonholes, the father of the bride veering between uncontrollable pride and a nervous breakdown.

The guests arrive, everyone’s chattering, taking their seats, wishing the main man good luck and then it happens…. a hushed silence, the bride appears at the doorway, the groom turns to look and the rest is history…..

Dramatic, emotional, intense – we’re so lucky to be able to film all of that.